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Financial Institutions

Real estate that is owned by any size institution within any location can certainly be sold in expedited circumstances. The immediate liquidations of assets are vital in some markets and apparent that assets need to be handled with care and diligence.

Certified Real Estate auctions will provide real time stats that with scientific measure giving clients the advantage when making intelligent decisions about the disposition of portfolio properties.

Unique combinations of bidding styles can be customized to the auction production. Online Only Real Estate Auctions or simultaneous out cry auctions will be a major presentation to the buying public when top dollar is expected. The process is stream lined and an aggressive marketing strategy is optimized to produce highly effective results.

When the existing Broker is in place our program allows developing a team environment in the spirit of cooperation.  The existing agents participate in the Auction production, allowing the expertise in local markets to remain as a constant presence from signing an Exclusive Auction Listing agreement to a successful closing.

Fiduciary Sellers

Those representing others, including trustees, executors and other counsel, are charged with the highest standards of professionalism and transparency regarding their oversight and management of real estate sales, whether for the beneficiaries, clients or creditors. They must diligently pursue the highest and best result, while simultaneously ensuring a completely fair, open and competitive process.

Certified Real Estate Auctions has worked with numerous court appointed trustees, receivers, attorneys and their clients to bring about an effective resolution for the disposition of their real and/or personal property. We are familiar with the unique intricacies of most legal matters that involve real estate and can help our clients solve problems with efficiency and professionalism.

Certified Real Estate Auctions is likewise committed to achieving the highest level of professionalism and transparency for all our client’s real estate sales needs. From the initial confidential client consultation to our experienced advice about the value, risks, timing and method of sale, fiduciaries and other related parties have relied on us to guide them through a successful and agreeable disposition. Certified Real Estate Auctions has achieved acceptable and approved results for multiple sales conducted on behalf of fiduciaries.

These nationwide services are available for individual or single asset sales, as well as large multi-parcel holdings. In addition, we can provide the ancillary services required for associated personal property, such as antiques, vehicles, equipment and livestock.

Court Ordered Auctions

We have a long history of assisting with Court ordered sales and receiverships. Certified enables the parties to achieve market value for property quickly and transparently and we can provide documentation to prove the sales are “commercially reasonable” and reflect the true value of the property. Additionally, we have a legal staff to assist with court appearances and ancillary matters.

Government Auctions

Auctions have traditionally been used as a prudent disposition strategy by the federal, state, and local governments. Certified Real Estate Auctions has assisted with public sales, valuations, and utilized our nationwide network of licensed and bonded auctioneers and real estate professionals to provide a beneficial disposition that is proven, open, and transparent.

Divorce and Partner Dissolution Auctions

We have assisted numerous legal counsel and their clients in solving often complex and/or emotional sales of divided property interests. These services often result in the settlement of many if not all issues, as well as insure an equitable distribution of the net assets. Auction is an ideal way to grant equity positions and to use as a tool for alternate dispute resolution.


Those representing others, including trustees, executors and other counsel, are charged with the highest standards of professionalism and transparency regarding their oversight and management of real estate sales, whether for the beneficiaries, clients or creditors. They must diligently pursue the highest and best result, while simultaneously insuring a completely fair, open and competitive process. Additionally, we are well versed in the fiduciary responsibilities and comply with the Uniform Prudent Investor Act in states where applicable. 

Bankruptcy Auctions

We sell properties for bankruptcy attorneys, trustees, and estates all over the country. Our services enable the parties to achieve market value for property quickly and transparently and we can provide documentation to prove the sales are commercially reasonable.

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